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A for-profit affordable housing model with benevolence as
the bottom-line.

The Model

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¹ Quality rental units provided through subsidy (if needed). This       subsidy can include rentals own in portfolio, Section 8, etc. 

² Credit building, budgeting, debt reduction, lender relationship.

³ Rents new home 6-12 months for prep.

⁴ Purchase price subsidized by 3-tier system to ensure cost ceiling
  remains affordable. 

Our Vision

By putting relationship first, we see the development of affordable homeownership as a platform for many aspects of our community to intersect. Inspired by Jesus’ way of life
as seen in Philippians 2:1-11, we see a relational bridge being built on the back of servant-hearted, sacrificial love.


We have found the best way to live and utilize our resources, giftings, and privileges is to serve others.From those served to those serving. From the investors giving to the streets being changed.

The lack of access to affordable housing is at an all-time crisis level. Present local and national solutions are few. Our unique Homeowner Pipeline ™ makes affordable homeownership possible through for-profit business with benevolence as the bottom-line.

Our Approach

In this vein, we've realized the best way to create affordable homes for purchase is to serve others through our talents and treasures. This simple 3-tier Subsidy System has made this possible:  

1 –– By building relationships with Suppliers, Home Builders, and Renovators, we are utilizing in-kind material donations to save money everywhere possible. Efficiency and reuse are principles that drive us. We access at-cost or small margin mark-ups from store Suppliers. Additionally, we take extra building materials or items renovators would previously pay to throw away and redeploy them. 

2 –– Through building an ecosystem of Tradesman and Contractors, we provide quality work to our local businesses. No strings attached. We ask these industry experts to consider labor donation on future projects in small but meaningful ways. We also work with local Church volunteers, retired Contractors, and community minded people wanting to give time. 

3 –– Lastly, working with Benevolent Investors provides us the opportunity to make huge leaps forward. By leveraging lower, fixed returns, we are seeing opportunities open up to serve neighbors who would previously have no ability to be served. Some take a little less some others can have a seat at the table. We believe in
small margins, BIG collaboration. 

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We've been inspired by those who have come before us in this model. The chief example for us has been the Biblical example of the early Church seen in Acts 2:42-47. Other heroes include leaders like Dr. John M. Perkins and the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA). Inspirations from Habitat for Humanity® and other providers have also spurred us on. 

For more on our approach, see this page.

Our Model

We believe our local communities are gifted. Incredible ingenuity and beauty exists within them. We affirm our communities are skilled and equipped. They have the ability to rise when provided access to resources and partnership.

We began to leverage our relationships in the non-profit and social sectors together with the business community to come alongside our existing relationships with neighbors.

Voice and ownership of the process of development is critical. We work with the neighbors we serve. Our aim is to create equity and building ownership of our local neighborhoods as a non-negotiable. 

Our Partners

We believe strongly in community collaboration. Our partners are from across a wide range of community members including Contractors, Builders, Suppliers, Nonprofits, and Local Churches.

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and more!

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